Life Scraps

Sunday, August 9, 2009

God given skillz

.....I mean skillS! Just kidding :) Our small group Bible study group talked about "skills" today. We all agreed God gives everyone atleast ONE skill/ability/talent. The discussion went a little deeper when we talked about whether we are automatically "great" at our skill or do we have to hone that skill over time before it can be said we are great at it? We each threw out a skill/talent we had and some said it was something they have just always been able to do and do very well. Others said it theirs was a skill that they always had the "desire" for and just naturally gravitated to BUT they had to work at it to learn it & fine tune it in their life. Some have one major skill they are great at and other have several smaller things they are very good at. It made me wonder what are MY skillz? It has always been hard for me to list things I am good feels odd to voice maybe I am bragging. I would much rather have a few close friends list the skillz they see in me. Hmmmm, that gives me a thought about a chain email to send out. You know those emails that go around where you have to list 10, 15, 20 things about yourself? You know the ones I am talking about....what are you wearing right now? what is your favorite icecream flavor? Uh-huh, those emails. Maybe I will send one out to a close friend and list the top 5 skills/talents I see in that person. They then reply back to you doing the same and then choose 1 other friend to send an email to. That's a rough draft but you get the gist. What a great way to boost someone's confidence in themselves, don't you think?

Pastor Gary Taylor filled the pulpit at church today. I really liked his sermon alot. In fact, just moments into the start of his sermon I realized he reminded me of a much older Pastor Fred. I think it was the way he mixed in his jokes & stories with the biblical passage he was preaching from....which, by the way, was Psalm 11. He is a visual speaker, too. I am visual so when a person speaks in terms that cause me to 'see' things in my head....that is always a big plus! Seeing that yesterday was the 8th, it made me smile (and a little sad) to see characteristics of Pastor Fred in someone else from the very stage where he walked and preached from just 5 short months ago. Speaking of yesterday and the never occurred to me once that it was the 5 month anniversary of his death. I wonder if that is a sign of healing? Part of me feels very guilty that I didn't have those flashbacks of that horrible remember the feeling of utter & total shock/dismay of knowing a murder had just occurred in the very sanctuary where I lift my hands in praise to God. I suppose the feelings of guilt is just as much a part of the healing process as anything.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well as have a splendid week to come. Use your skillz in a way that brings glory to God this week!!!