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Friday, August 28, 2009

Longing for Tybee Island

(Sigh) With each day that passes. The longer the to-do list gets. Every new bit of stress and concern....wells up in me a stronger desire for it to be (insert date) the day we leave for vacation. It is strange how something you have never given much thought to can suddenly be the one thing you can't stop thinking about.

For me, it's a vacation on the beach. While I have desired to see the ocean for years it never tickled my fancy to spend several days on that very beach. I did get to see The Gulf in 2002 while attending my cousin's wedding near Galveston, TX. It was March. And let me tell ya, one can freeze one's buns off on the beach in Texas in March. I was grabbing seashells with numb fingers and if you look closely enough at the photo Dad took of me, you can see the goosebumps. That has been my only glimpse in all my 39 years. I am still 38 but in 19 days I will be 39 so I might as well just start saying it now (insert another sigh).

So, how is it I am vacationing on the beach this year? It all started a few years ago when I asked my mom to tell me the one place she has always wanted to see but never has. She said Savannah, GA. It started out as a trip I said I would take her on if she had her knee replacement surgery done. Well, she is just dragging her feet something terrible where her knees are concerned so I decided I really want an "out-of-state" trip with my mom like I took with my dad a few years ago. It will only be about half the length as the trip I did with my dad but I can't take that much time off this year at once. It will be just me and her from Saturday to Thursday. And I am just so stinkin' excited. For one, I am hoping beyond hope the fall foliage is at its' peak since we will be going in October. Oh, what an AWEsome drive that would be. (big sigh)

And now, as if I wasn't craving the getaway enough already....I am even more so now. (head tilt, one last sighhhhh) I will leave you with a photo....
Isn't it BEAUTY-full????????????