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Friday, August 7, 2009

It's All In The Scent

Missy over at It's Almost Naptime is hosting.....

and this week it is Favorite Perfumes.

Some of my favorite perfumes not listed any any particular order....

My aunt Maggie hooked me on Tova Signature perfume a few years ago. I get it from and it is a must in my fragrance collection. I have put it on in the early morning and if I do not take a shower that evening, I can still faintly smell it the next morning.

Ahhh, just looking at the bottle takes me back to the 80' rip-roaring highschool days. This is a classic scent that I will love forever.

Estee by Estee Lauder. Classy is the word I would use to describe this one. When I want to dress up and smell dressed up, too!

Beautiful by Estee Lauder. Another very classy scent. I really do feel beautiful when I where it, lol

Amazing Grace by Philosophy. This is a very "clean" scented perfume, which I adore. I get it through as well.

NONE of these scents are inexpensive....go figure, I am just like my mama when it comes to liking the things out of my price range! What are your favorites? Leave me your comments, I would love to know.


Colored With Memories said...

OMG i had totally forgotten about liz claiborne. your're right...that pic takes me straight back!