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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Subconscious Mind.....

can be a very odd thinker!

I have been wanting to take a trip with my mom to Savannah, GA for quite some time now. I am in the process of trying to nail her down to make a decision about going in October. I have found a great little B&B on Tybee Island....a 4 minute walk from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Check out this adorable place at . Just don't you DARE go and make a reservation for October and make me lose my chance to stay there, LOL.

Yesterday I was browsing the website of the B&B and clicked on the Paula Deen link that took me to her restaurant homepage. There I read her policy on reservations which pretty much is this "a hostess begins taking "in person" requests for tables at 9:30 a.m. each day. No phone reservations are permitted. Ok, simple enough I is certainly a thought for our trip as I would love to eat at Paula's restaurant.

Last night I had a dream about mom & I being on our vacation in Georgia. And yep, you guessed it, we were going to try to eat at The Lady & Son's restaurant. We walk up to the hostess and request our table for 2. Surely this would be no feat for a restaurant of this stature. The hostess replied, "The wait for a table of two will be 20 weeks". Hello? Twenty weeks? My reply, "Thanks, we will take our food to go, please." Mom must have gone back to the car to wait as she was no longer in the dream with me. Now I am standing at a counter where I can see my food being prepared by this gracious, chatty, Southern lady. She is explaining each step she is taking to make my lunch. I remember thinking 'hmmm, I didn't even place my order so how does she know what to cook for me'? But, I quickly pushed that thought aside because ~Hey, it's Paula Deen and she cooks with all those yummy, fatty ingredients that make ANYTHING she prepares taste DELISH!~ So, I am not arguing. Now I see Paula cooking behind the counter, too. Yay, I am up close & personal with Paula. Sweet!!! My food is now prepared and on plates rather than to-go boxes. Again, I don't say anything. What a doormat I can be sometimes, lol. Next thing I know I am sitting across from Paula, chatting the time away as though we were long lost best friends who reunited after years of separation. Keep in mind, mom is still outside in the car. Hello? Am I shameless? I don't even go and get my poor mother out of the hot car to meet Paula? Heck no, I am keeping Paula all to myself :) The dream continues with me trying to get a photo of Paula & her huge family but we are in too small of a space and I can't fit them all in the frame. That is all I remember.

I tell ya, my subconscious mind is something to behold sometimes. I have been an over-active dreamer since I was a child. I think it stems from having an enormous imagination. I really love to go to sleep sometimes just to dream. Thankfully I can say I rarely have "bad" dreams but when I do, they are doozies! They usually entail me verbally fighting with someone I am close with. Hmmmm, what pent-up frustrations are causing those dreams I wonder? hahahaha!

Well, thanks for reading about my silly subconscious and the antics performed inside my head while I am sleeping. Have a great day and may you, too, dream with reckless abandon!



Erin said...

Interesting you should mention that restaurant. My mother wanted to take her mother there for her 85th birthday. But realized that a woman and her friends of that age couldn't stand around all day waiting to eat and knowing Georgia weather they would have roasted if they waited in the car. So we gave up on the idea and my Grandma passed away 6 months later. Now that she's gone I have little reason to be in the south, so aside from a trip to Myrtle Beach, I doubt I'll be in SC/GA for many years to come. I'm just going to guess that that restaurant is a little over-rated anyway.