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Friday, August 14, 2009

(In)Courage gets FIVE STARS!!!

I talk about a LOT of different sites that I follow but there is a new one that just started this month which has me bubbling over with excitement to share!

It is called (In)Courage and it is managed/maintained by about 27 women....all women of faith in the Lord. Here is a link to their main page and I strongly (in)courage you to go visit.

One of the topics is called "Courage" and here is just one awesome, amazing, faith-building story to share with is about "believing in the power of prayer"

This photo is from their on the photo to go to the story of "believe the impossible"

Hope you are blessed by the visit!!!

Hugs, Helen


Erin said...

thank you for this story. you have no idea how I needed a story about the miracles God provides today. Thank you so much.

~~~Welcome~~~ said...

I am so glad to know this story touched your heart today. That is so God working in His perfect timing.