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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A very fine weekend!!!

Well, this was a full weekend. Saturday I walked out the door at 7:30 a.m. and drove to my "2nd home"....WalMart. I had a list of things to pick up for sorting/organizing the t-shirts we are selling to raise funds for our singles conference in September. That list consisted of large rubbermaid containers, sharpie markers, large rubber bands, box tape & 2 school folders for the paperwork we need to keep track of. Finished at WM....check!

I cannot be that close to Starbucks and not get a mocha & blueberry scone. So, I drove through and got my caffeine fix....check!

I drove on up to Edwardsville to the printers to pick up the shirts and as usual, I was far too early. [I have a horrible sense of foretelling time]. So, I parked and liesurely sipped my mocha & nibbled my scone. A Venti size SB's drink usually lasts me up to 2 hours but this morning it was gone in 40 minutes. Hello? There had to be an invisible caffeine addict in the car with me stealing gulps of my way did I down that in 40 minutes. Atleast that is the story I am sticking with.

The printer's opened at 9 a.m.....actually 8:59 a.m. according to my vehicle's clock. I walked in, handed over a check for $1000+ and walked out with 2 heavy boxes. I could not believe there was over a thousand dollars sitting in my trunk.....100% cotton shirts at that! I reached the church at about 9:30ish and started to lovely task of making 5 trips to/from my vehicle to unload the WalMart purchases & the $1000+ boxes of shirts into the church foyer.

The next 3 hours was spent making stenciled posters & sorting out the tshirts. Then I filled up the large rubbermaid containers and proceeded to load them on a flatbed cart and haul them up the elevator to the 2nd floor & unload them in our Sunday school room for the next morning. It was now 12:30 and I was very hungry & very tired.

I drove through Taco Bell and grabbed a bite to take home and I tried to nap before leaving at 3:30 to go to a Premier Jewelry show at 4:30. I did not get home from that until nearing 8 p.m.

Sheila & Ashlee came by to pick up Chandler-Bing [I dog-sitted for them while they were on vacation the past week] about 9:15 p.m.

Now, that was all just Saturday! Today I left the house at 7:50 a.m., went to McD's to pick up breakfast for class because I thought it was my day for it (it wasn't). I arrived at the church about 8:15 a.m. and started carrying chairs to our classroom while I waited for Ursula to arrive and help me prepare the t-shirt table. Then we lugged those containers filled with the $1000+ 100% cotton tshirts to the table and set it all up. I was sweating before 9 church gross! We had several people come by & pick up their pre-ordered tshirts and even sold 7 or 8 of the extra shirts we bought just to have on hand to sell.

Church service was great....Reggie Joyner from Northpointe Church in Atlanta, GA did our services today. I was so excited when he said where he was from and that he works with Andy Stanley. I have talked about Andy before and how our singles group spent over a year with Andy as our Sunday school teacher on DVD. Can't say enough great stuff about Andy and his way of bringing God's truth to light through his awesome visualizations & wonderful speaking voice. Reggie was much the same in that respect....very much grabs your attention and keeps it. At times I found myself not breathing while he carried on several sentences without taking a breath. I am serious....I had to make myself breathe, lol. He, too, used some visuals and he kept out cameramen busy as he rarely stood in one place for more than a few seconds. He spoke about how if we have a spiritual goal we want to reach (or any goal for that matter) we need to strategize what needs to be done to reach that goal and then do it....keeping that end goal in our focus at all times. It is similar to how I learned to drive a car at age 15. I got behind the wheel and started slowly down the road with my eyes focused intently on.......the very front of the car. Looking up briefly to the road ahead but most of the time just directly at the front of the car's hood. It was very awkward and I remember asking my parent (probably my dad) how you keep from veering all over the place? He could tell what I was doing and explained I needed to look further down the road.....toward my goal. It seemed so very odd to hear that but sure enough, when I kept my eyes looking forward, that is when I was better able to "keep it in the middle of the road". Same with out Heavenly Maker....when we keep out eyes focused on Him, we will find ourselves on the path of His perfect will and not tripping & falling because we took our eyes off. Wow! What a great God-bit to take in to the new week.

After church we lugged all those containers of shirts out to my car and lugged myself home to rest. After all, isn't that what Sunday is supposed to be....a day of REST? Hello? Can I get an amen???

My weekend of course is not complete without some kind of scrapbooking layout. Below you will find something out of the ordinary for me to do in sb'ing. This style of sb'ing is called Fantasy. This is far from my style of doing layouts but I have to admit, I was drawn to this piece of artwork I found on Feed Your Soul....a place where artists can place their artwork for people to download for free. The hot air balloon in the layout below is from this website and was designed by Ellen Hozyra Currier and the moment I saw it I knew I had to use it in a layout. The balloon my my LO is a bit different as the flowers trailing off the basket did not extract well so I removed them. I added Trevor's little head popping up from the basket and then began the task of laying in papers & different effects to create the sky, ocean & beach scenes. I extracted another photo of Trevor to sit on the beach. Like I said, this is not my style but could not pass up the chance to use the balloon.

That was my weekend. It has been raining for a little while now and I decided rather than take a nap I would blog. Thanks for stopping by today.

You Don't Know Me by Shawna Clingerman of Sweet Shoppe Designs
Summer Oasis by Cara Mia Designz at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking
Summer Sampler Week 5 from Sweet Shoppe Designs
Sand Pile by Lorilei Murphy of Rosey Posey Studio
Digital Compilations,Ocean Breezes, by Cinda at Faith Sisters
Rainbow's Touch by Laitha

Link to Feed Your Soul and the artist's original piece.....